To travel on the mind map of a tailor who stitches a soul.

Pieces of this series were not considered sufficient by its creator. The scenario will be recreated with pieces of the appropriate size.

Eloy's spirit decided to paint her middle finger in ink and touch the paper.

There is no limit to the number of pieces to be built for this series. So far, 40 of them have been completed.

The diary pieces named Spiritual Noise, Vagionaea, Bloom /1, Bloom /2, Weightlifting, You vs. You and The Shattered Key are waiting for their first collectors.

The first 30 pieces of this series were turned into a tokenized physical book named Dear diary, this is how I feel Vol.1. Limited to 30 editions, 8editions of this book have been sold so far.

The dirt in people's minds leaks from the gaps in their heads. Eloy decided to clean this dirt of the heads.

*This series consists of 18 pieces. No more pieces will be built for this series. *

This series is sold out.

This series were turned into a tokenized physical book named Dirty Dishes. Limited to 30 editions.

Disgusting things spilled from eloy's mouth.

This series consists of only 2 pieces. No more pieces will be built for this series.

This series is sold out.

The curse will take various forms and accompany Eloy on paper.

There is no limit to the number of pieces to be built for this series. So far, 1 of them have been completed.

Abusive Beverage awaits its first collector.

NauseaWhat it feel is fighting in their stomach.5000x3986 px.

Last sold for 1 ◎

Collected by lordjpegs

Ugly TasteWhat will destroy the ugly taste in its mouth?5000x3986 px.

Last sold for 1 ◎

Collected by sasha_gri

Head Under the Faucet /1Use your scouring sponge well.5000x4862 px.

Last sold for 0.6 ◎

Collected by HFP2

Head Under the Faucet /2Is your washing liquid good enough? Will it be able to remove the dirt ?5000x4862 px.

Last sold for 1.5 ◎

Collected by ciaraeatsbugs

Poet Punk Under the Faucet /3Take off Poet Punk's hoodie hat and wash its head with poem.5000x4862 px.

Last sold for 5 ◎

From Kendrar7's collection.

Head Under the Faucet /4If you don't get rid of the dirt in your eyes, how will you see beauty?5000x4862 px.

Last sold for 0.7 ◎

Collected by dgnrenaissance

Head Under the Faucet /5Don't let your faucet run dry.5000x4862 px.

Last sold for 0.6 ◎

Collected by Kouga

Head Under the Faucet /6You want to wash some dishes but there is neither dish soap nor sponge.5000x4862 px.

Last sold for 0.6 ◎

Collected by 0xMQQ

Naked Man Under the Faucet /7Naked man looks at eloy who says "Sometimes all the conditions are right to get rid of the dirt but suddenly the drain can get clogged, naked man. Calm down, i'll take care of it. I'll wash and reassemble your mind-made body"5000x4862 px.

Last sold for 0.6 ◎

Collected by goxrilla

Head Under the Faucet /8You have a polluted mind and as if that wasn't enough, it's being bathed in fire by the devil. You seem to say "Doesn't fire remove dirt? Isn't that some sort of cleansing?". Will you be able to have a thought that can be polluted when the fire turns your mind to ashes?5000x4862 px.

Last sold for 0.8 ◎

Collected by Ohareyoufat

Head Under the Faucet /9Are we those people who nurture the pure beauty of their sight by washing their minds with sharp vision every morning? It is possible to see things that will awaken our emotions by including this routine in our lives. Be under this faucet.5000x4862 px.

Last sold for 0.6 ◎

Collab with Rzij

Collected by RandomGL

Head Under the Faucet /10Believe that insemination of ideas is part of mental cleansing. Let's be hostile to dirt!5000x4862 px.

Last sold for 1.55 ◎

Collected by SynthWithFrens

Head Is the Faucet /11It is not known what this faucet washes and what it clears with the tears flowing from the eye socket. There are things in a picture that remain hidden even to the person who drawn it.5000x4862 px.

Last sold for 1.5 ◎

Collected by RandomGL

Head Is the Sink /12Be selective when flowing things into your mind, otherwise you will get blockage.5000x4862 px.

Last sold for 3 ◎

Collected by nerdy

Bull Under the Faucet /13Leave your bears, which are spread over you and weighing on your soul, under the spears.5000x4862 px.

Last sold for 3 ◎

Collected by URS Artist Curators

Creation In the Dishwasher /14Surround yourself by people who will place you in the dishwasher and wash you with a dishwashing detergent capsule made from the raw material of luck. This will make your soul brighter and cleaner than ever before.5000x4862 px.

Last sold for 2.5 ◎

Collected by aRTcons9

Snake Is the Faucet /15Don't let toxic thoughts wash your mind. Turn off the faucet. Don't put your soul into a coma.5000x4862 px.

Last sold for 2.5 ◎

Collected by under3mg

Hand Is the Faucet /16Cleanse the barrenness of the papers and let the seeds in the paper absorb the water of life flowing from your hands. Let the tiny sprouts of thought come to life.5000x4862 px.

Last sold for 2.9 ◎

Collected by bunjy

Cactusland Under the Faucet /17The art of trying to have fun with anything that has the potential to hurt is called life.5000x4862 px.

Last sold for 5 ◎

Collab with merveliyigit

Collected by Hyblinxx

Farewell Under the Faucet /18You don't need boat oars. The waves of your emotional outbursts will always drag your boat to the right place.5000x4862 px.

Last sold for 2.5 ◎

Collected by devplex

DrummerDear Diary,Do you ask why beautiful thoughts don't dance in eloy's mind? Maybe they don't have music and that's why they don't dance. As i smashed my bad thoughts, i thought the sound that was emanating might be their music. Good thoughts, i have a concert for you. Please come and dance in my mind.4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 0.65 ◎

Collected by RandomGL

UndrownedDear Diary,What will not pull you to the bottom in life is to exist among those who can help you get rid of the weights that will sink you. Those who cut the ties of these burdens that are tied to your soul with a rope keep you on the surface of life. This is how you can have the breath you need to get ahead in life. Stay on the surface.4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 3.69 ◎

Collected by Degen Poet

Party in ArlesDear Diary,Did you know that the time machine was already invented by the first humans ? This machine is known today as art. If you have it, you will gain the ability to move around the universe without limits. I recently used this machine to attend Van Gogh's party in Arles. We preferred tomato soup as a drink. It was the best drunkenness I've ever experienced.4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 1.2 ◎

Collected by RandomGL

PilgrimageDear Diary,I'm going on a journey to the place where the seeds of my creation were planted. I will spend time in that place where my foundations are kneaded and I will plunder its streets. I will rub all my senses into the landscape of this place where my essence is distilled. Maybe this way I will be able to understand myself and come to terms with myself.4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 3.75 ◎

Collected by Mother

A Birthday with SatoshiDear Diary,“You are aware that the state of the soul also has cycles. The entire universe is shaped by these cycles. When you feel you're down, it feels like all good things live far away from you, doesn't it ? And when you feel like you're climbing up, the beauty in everything starts to appear clearer, right ? Whatever's going on, it's getting pretty far from seeming dire. So, if you want to turn life into a flower garden rather than a dungeon, you must always insist on feeling like you're going to the moon. Have a soul that always feels bullish !”Satoshi said this while blowing out the candle on the cake he brought me for my birthday.4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 1.9 ◎

Collected by Acidhatmat

PiranhaDear Diary,Have you ever felt the nets that people have thrown into your soul and struggled under those nets? If you are aware that this is happening, i want you to know that you do not have to be a constant prisoner of this situation. If you sharpen your soul's teeth enough, you will give them the strength to fight the nets. In this way, it will be possible for you to get out of the negative pattern that restricts your horizons that people pull you into. Don't let a single day go by when you don't unleash your inner piranha.4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 1.5 ◎

Collected by kanis

Flower of CactusDear Diary,When you look from afar, you encounter many beings that you believe are living as a flower in the pot of life. Have you ever looked closely at them? If you do, you will find that they are willing to cling to the thorns. Since they have learned to embrace and live with difficult conditions, they have been able to bloom as a flower where they are. Let's embrace the difficulties and turn the land we live in into a flower garden. Stay flower.4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 3.6 ◎

Collab with merveliyigit

Collected by bamb0o

SamuraiDear Diary,You hear the roar of the footsteps of the blood in your veins.
Your heart is fast enough to leave the light behind. A waterfall is flowing from your hands. Your whole body is tensed. You are afraid. However you believe that if you turn into a samurai, you can defeat what you see in front of you. The hem of your kimono is flying. You swing your sword at what has appeared before you. When you see that it is an apple falling in front of your feet, you realize that there is not actually a monster in front of you. You may be trying to defend yourself against things that have been over-magnified by your mind. Try to realize that it's just an apple.
4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 1.7 ◎

Collected by CD12

MaggotsDear Diary,Have you ever felt like you have the rottenness of a forgotten tomato deep in the fridge? Your bad smell licks your nose at any moment. You strongly feel the destruction in your skin. You listen to the roar of the joyful clatter of the owners of the stomachs nourished by your destruction. You face the fact that you are the planet of maggots. And you can't prevent this sentence from going through your mind. "I hope we humans aren't causing the world so much pain." Let there be more moments when you don't live as a maggot that destroys the earth.4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 2 ◎

Collected by gettles

Collapsed HeadDear Diary,Have you ever had your head tumbled down as a result of a severe mental earthquake? Has the resulting destruction created cracks in your entire being? Did you mourn for your ideas that were buried under the rubble? If your answer is yes, then let my vulnerability mix with your vulnerability. Let your cracks blend into my cracks. Let's hug.4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 5 ◎

Collab with Fluboss

Collected by NyQuillJornan22

Game in MindDear Diary,Games that require me to level up appear in my mind with an incredibly high difficulty level. You have that too, I know. Does it make you shed tears too, being constantly cut to pieces by monsters at the end of the chapters? Well, do you realize that with all this, the controller is not broken and we can choose the game we want? Let's choose a game in which monsters do not wait for us, which will not disturb our souls.4000x6820 px.

Last sold for 2.5 ◎

Collected by NOiSY COYOTE

Morgue BodyDear Diary,You are the morgue of every spiritual particle you have slaughtered in yourself. Doesn't it hurt your back to bear the weight of the corpse of every speck you've killed inside?4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 2.75 ◎

Collected by Esra Eslen

Grenade BurgerDear Diary,Did you know that soul who over-consume destructive, shattering emotions cannot avoid becoming obese? The swirling emotions that envelop everything with fire make the soul heavy and immobilize it. They deform the soul. Be careful what emotion your soul consumes too much. It should definitely follow the diet list.4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 2.5 ◎

Collected by RJ9934

Gumball MachineDear Diary,You're a soul the universe bought from a gumball machine for a heart. You will be surrounded by the bacteria in the mouth of the universe, and you will be battered by the teeth there. The shaping of your soul throughout your life is related to your rolling at the mouth of the universe. Eventually your soul loses its aroma and the universe spit it out. All this happens in the time between your birth and your death.4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 2.5 ◎

Collected by cenonym

PhoenixDear Diary,The moment the fires stretch their heads towards the surface of your soul, you run to the water. You are disappointed when you see that the water that you are sure will destroy your fires is almost dry and is far from flowing with pressure. Don't feel disappointment. Obviously, this is a great opportunity to become a phoenix.4000x7200px.

Last sold for 3.5 ◎

Collected by cenonym

LuggageDear Diary,Have you ever been a human's neatly organized luggage? Emotions carefully packaged by a human are placed in your soul. You become filled with everything that this human needs. I hope your answer is no because if your answer is yes, you are probably also familiar with the feeling of being an abandoned luggage.4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 2.5 ◎

Collected by brad_b

GunophoneDear Diary,People who spew their evil thoughts into the universe with their mouths are bullets in the magazine of a gun aimed at the periphery of your brain. What are you waiting for to break and destroy a record that hosts their voices?4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 2.5 ◎

Collected by Keigowda

Hodl ArtDear Diary,Holding on to art bathes you in waterfalls of flowers. You include a feast full of fragrant scents into your life. Do not deprive yourself of all this, hodl art.4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 4.5 ◎

Collected by NyQuillJornan22

Color DrinkersDear Diary,You will meet beings who enjoy drinking the color stock of your mind, who will never hesitate to turn you into a colorless barren wasteland. Therefore, always carry scissors with you so that you can instantly cut the straws that carry your colorful thoughts into their stomachs.4000x7200px.

Last sold for 2.5 ◎

Collected by NyQuillJornan22

Death HomeDear Diary,Adopting a battered, tired, almost-dead mood as a home will deprive you of alluring views. The air that seeps into you through the window of this mood will suffocate you. Please move from there.4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 2.5 ◎

Collected by Big Brain Gallery

The Bosom of WaterfallDear Diary,Make sure that you put your paper boat in which you put your dreams into the waters, where you can sleep in its bosom. Stay away from any dirty water that will prevent it from being able to swing freely and find its way.4000x7200px.

Last sold for 2.5 ◎

Collected by Keigowda

Ice Cream ShopDear Diary,I seem to hear that you answer the question of which is your favorite ice cream flavor, kisses.4000x7200px.

Last sold for 5 ◎

Collected by Rez

Stapled HeadDear Diary,Thoughts pile up in your mind. You have the weight of a thought junkyard on your head. It's such a heavy burden that your head can fall out of your body. To avoid this and secure the head, refer to the nearest stapler.4000x7200px.

Last sold for 2.5 ◎

Collected by Yoel Bernard

Marin's FeastDear Diary,Let the beings that want to prevent your extinction by eating the maggots that multiply in your soul, land on the branches of your self.4000x7200px.

Last sold for 2.5 ◎

Collected by BloodyB

Carcass of the WorldHave you ever swung your sword at the World, whose pieces you had so difficultly put together so that your soul could live on it in peace? Have you ever thought that you would never be able to put together the pieces scattered on the ground like a puzzle? Have you ever felt like your hope would never grow again when you saw those puzzle pieces damaged? If your answer is yes, know you are not alone.4000x7200px.

Last sold for 2.5 ◎

Collected by 0xMQQ

Lust JamDear Diary,“I'm burning and i don't want to be extinguished. I feel my skin melting from the heat, but at the same time I wish all the ointments would go to jail. The flames are squeezing my throat, but the feeling that I can live without breathing has taken over my entire being. All of this started when I decided to spread butter and lust jam on my bread for breakfast one morning and eat it.”This is what I told the doctor today.4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 5 ◎

Collected by 238h

Mountain of SelfDear Diary,Your legs are very tired. I know your hands are too numb to feel anything they touch. Your body has become the house of sweat. Please, stay strong. The reason you are so exhausted is because you are trying to climb the mountain of self. Your body is sweating because of your effort to reach yourself. Don't give up until you see the view at the top. Please.4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 5 ◎

Collected by Joel Cassady

Dragon EggDear Diary,At first you feel stuck in a narrow space. The overwhelm in your soul and body becomes so great that you sweat. Then you hear a cracking sound. Many people hear this voice, but few try to understand it. Listening to this voice makes you panic at first, but if you are patient, you feel that the source of this voice is the thing that will break your stuckness. Once you feel this, all your effort is to hear more cracking sounds from then on. You slowly realize that the voice you hear is the scream of your broken boundaries. After a long time, you realize that you have been released into a world full of endless possibilities with the strength and power of a dragon. Realization is a birth pain. Let's be born again every day. Know that being with the nobility of birth pain every day is the real thing that saves your soul.4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 5 ◎

Collected by Keigowda

The Best ToyDear Diary,If a part of it breaks, it is easy to find spare parts. If it breaks down, it is not difficult to repair it. It is multifunctional. It has a lifetime warranty. Yes, I'm talking about your mind. You shouldn't be afraid to play with your mind by pushing its limits. It's the best toy you'll ever have.4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 3 ◎

Collected by NyQuillJornan22

A Birthday with Satoshi /2"If you want to enjoy the peace and strong feeling of happiness that the sky gives, you should know that you will be exposed to some turbulence. You should understand that losing altitude is not a bad thing, the real bad thing is giving up on rising again. Now, as people who believe in the temporaryness of the turbulence feeling, let's toast!"Satoshi said these sentences to Eloy just after their private jet experienced turbulence.4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 5 ◎

Collected by Ozbren

Spiritual NoiseDear Diary,A compassionate pair of hands, embracing the pain of the destruction caused in your soul by your loud emotional noise, erases all the glitch in the way you perceive life. Do not be afraid that these hands belong to another being. But remember that the most compassionate hands that will tame the unbearable noise of your existence are your own hands.4000x7200 px.

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It is waiting for its first collector.

Scuderia HeartrariDear Diary,Let your soul control the steering wheel of your heart. Let your soul taste the pleasure of touring the track of life while in the driver's seat of your heart. Sit back and enjoy the supernatural adrenaline rushing through you as you negotiate life's curves in the only vehicle in this universe that defies the speed of light.4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 3 ◎

Collected by NyQuillJornan22

LavapagneDear Diary,Imagine your pain sipping lava drops of volcano champagne and getting drunk enough to fall into a coma. Imagine that the pain that gnaws at the limbs of your soul dies this way. Your existence no longer turns into the residue between your pain's teeth. Imagining this with all your strength is one of the recipes that will relieve your pain. Do this.4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 3 ◎

Collected by TOLO

VagionaeaDear Diary,Are your fingers the voluntary food of emotions who have lost their sense of satiety? The bites of these emotions, who are fond of the taste of the flow of inspiration in fingertips, make fingers unusable. I wish you to have a soul free from emotions who brutally eat your fingers that carry your inspiration.4000x7200 px.

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It is waiting for its first collector.

MillionaireDear Diary,Which banknotes do you have the most in your safe box? I'm not worried about you if the banknotes that carry the immensity of mind's ideas on their shoulders are the ones you have in excess of in your safe box. Keep multiplying them and continue your efforts to become a millionaire at this.4000x7200 px.

Last sold for 69K LamboSpacePrincess

It is waiting for its first collector.

Collected by S T O N E

Bloom /1Dear Life,I'm flowing to you. I am shaping to occupy a certain volume in you. I will be honored by your discovery. I know you have strong winds. I can already smell its dangerous cliffs.The beautiful taste of your flowers, which show their heads again every spring, has already captured my palate.I can't wait to both hate you and fall in love with you.4000x7200 px.

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It is waiting for its first collector.

Bloom /2Dear Life,I am ready for you. I am a volunteer to read your entire book of possibilities. I am willing to be enchanted by the rhymes of all your beauties and to be battered in the whirlpool of all your horrors. Show me, everything you can show.4000x7200 px.

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It is waiting for its first collector.

WeightliftingDear Diary,The sweat you shed while trying to lift the weight bar with your heart and brain attached to its ends, using all the strength you have, is sacred. The most sublime of collapses is for your soul, whose strength has been exhausted for this cause, to collapse to the ground. Trying to bear the weight of the things that seep into the folds of the mind and the emotions that spread to the heart is breathing. Living is nothing other than this effort.4000x7200 px.

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It is waiting for its first collector.

You vs. YouDear Diary,You are the arena where the souls you possess fight with each other. You are covered in the blood shed from these fierce struggles. I wish that the punches your souls throw at each other are not lethal.4000x7200 px.

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It is waiting for its first collector.

The Shattered KeyDear Diary,I know you heard that loud noise too. You thought the Earth's core had been irreversibly split, right? The noise was so intense that you did not think that anything less severe than this incident could have happened, am I right? No, what you heard wasn't the noise of the Earth's core cracking. While trying to open the lock of a house I believed to be my home, my key broke and shattered. This deafening noise belonged to the moment the key shattered.4000x7200 px.

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It is waiting for its first collector.

Eloy once asked herself, "What would we see if newsworthy emotional outbursts were televised unfiltered?". Welcome to the effort to find the answer to this question."Breaking News: The giant left the streets deserted." available on television.

Among eloy's creations, you will find some of its collaborations interpreted by eloy. They each shine amongst the available art particles. Here you can meet those who were among the pieces of its dear art friends.

The Princeshort story
The prince could understand the language of all the creatures.
after the great war only the birds of the shadow lands were left, where everything was gray.
The sadness of what had happened made the prince cry.
He was looking for the time when he would rise and become the king of the 6 realms.

Reserve price 2 ◎

Collab with Rzij

It is waiting for its first collector.


Sold out.

Collab with JUNTDOE

Editions Sold 30/30

Magic Bottle #4I emptied out of my eyes the merciless stones that clung to my feet, the scars that everything i touched left on my hands, and all the emotions that pierced my mind. I thought i was crying. I was actually watering the seeds. I didn't know i was busy creating a living space. All i did was make a bottle of life cocktail. May you have crying that will leave delicious tastes on the palate.

Last sold for 4 ◎

Collab with merveliyigit

Collected by bicio

Crying Wreckfrens come together for Turkey & SyriaEloy, who is native to Turkey, came through with such a deep heartfelt drawing of a hand that seems to be calling out for HELP 💜

Last sold for 3.11 ◎

Collab with SynthWithFrens

Collected by dove

Dance PainYour soul was a beautiful ground on which my love could dance.

Curated by Nymea

powered by Collector

Degen X eloyArtists: Degen Poet X eloy
Year: 2023
Medium: Typewriter + Painting
Format: .png
Dimensions: 3333 × 5000 px
A watercolor painting by eloy printed out & typed on by Degen Poet.

Last sold for 6.22 ◎

Collab with Degen Poet

Collected by jbgreen4

eloyCollab Kek art with Eloy

Last sold for 1.69 ◎

Collab with keks

Collected by BloodyB

365 x Eloy365 x Eloy

Last sold for 1 ◎

Collab with ENiGMA Atelier

Collected by meechie

Luminous mindDedicated to the beings who illuminate the streets of the soul.

10 edition, 7 tezos
9 edition available.

Collab with Pipi Universel

A part of 3T|1B [2nd wave]

For mint 0.9 ◎ on Metaplex

Collab with Clintxvx

A part of DissonanceDissonance whose body was created by 82 different artists and born.Every holder will be able to access the entire digital comic via 🔗http://dissonancecomic.com50 physical editions of the comic will be offered to collectors through a raffle.

For mint 1 ◎ on Metaplex

Collab with transitorymask

Dialogue Of Tears“At the center of streams, swirls of water surround us. As the light reflexes, the ripples on the surface emanate from the cracks deep in the soul. We are twirled and twisted, and intertwined in a dream. We are alive, and renewed as the water becomes tranquil. I wonder how much of this ocean is made of our tears?” - Noura“Do not be afraid of your tears flowing. Watch with me the moment when our particles mixed into the puddle. Created by our tears mix with the particles of our wild animals, quenching their thirst in this puddle. These tears are what quenches the thirst of your instinct that will enable you to hunt whatever you desire.” - Eloy

Buy now 10 ◎

Collab with Noura

Don't make me cry

Artwork by Eloy.
All proceeds from this artwork will be donated to Wild Foundation in hope to help protect our endangered natural world.


Collab with Spirits Foundation

EPISODE #07 | Eloy

EPISODE #07 | Eloy1587  x  1400 | GIF

Rserve price 1 ◎

Collab with Stayfin

Breaking News: The giant left the streets deserted.The giant, fed with bad thoughts in people's minds, has left the streets of almost all the cities on earth deserted. People whose minds are as pure as the freshness of spring, commented on this situation as follows: "Letting the giant hunt as he pleases is our only chance to increase the welfare of all humanity."The newscaster presented the breaking news.

Sold out.

Breaking News: Human rocket seen in the sky.Yesterday, the presence of a human rocket was witnessed in the sky during daylight hours. It was learned that thought fuel provided the propulsion for the human rocket, which was learned to land on the Moon, to take it out of the planet. Reserves of thought fuel are at their lowest level in the last decade.The newscaster presented the breaking news.

8 edition, 7 tezos
4 edition available.

The first 8 people who will lock their eyes on the news on the television screen are curious.

Breaking News: The Army of Poison Thoughts continues to terrify.People wonder if the person who was taken prisoner by the ringleader of The Army of Poison Thoughts will be released after the necessary negotiations. It is known that the army tortures people and is unaware of such a concept as mercy.

Sold out.

Breaking News: Catching the moment.People who filled the stadium gave the player a standing ovation. In the interview the player gave at the end of the match said, "Only if you are one of those who successfully catch the moments, you will leave this life as a champion."The newscaster presented the breaking news.

Sold out.

Breaking News: Receipt of human values.Receipts began to be given to people who had acquired invaluable human values, in the form of what appeared to be themselves. The authorities informed that this method was used to be aware of the impact of invaluable human values on human creation at high dosage.The newscaster presented the breaking news.

Sold out.

Breaking News: Bricks of self.At the opening of the world-renowned artist exhibition said: “Having a color palette prevents our selves that we are trying to build from being killers. The blade that our spiritual chaos holds in its hands thus becomes a brush.”The newscaster presented the breaking news.

7 edition, 10 tezos
1 edition available.

The first 8 people who will lock their eyes on the news on the television screen are curious.

Abusive Beverage"Take this. This person over there ordered it for you. Your name is universe, right?"Bartender

Reserve price 0.12Ξ

It is waiting for its first collector.

You can buy this tokenized book through the link.

Dear diary, this is how i feel
Vol. 1
2023, December
Language: EnglishWritten and drawn by Eloy.You are eye to eye with the piece that will deliver you the first physical book of the Dear diary, this is how i feel series, the first 30 parts of which have been built.This book, which pieces breathe in Solana chain, was printed,stapled, reproduced in Eloy' room and tokenized through Solana. It is 64 pages, A5 in size.Owning one of Eloy's 1/1 pieces gives collectors a 50% discount on primary sales of this tokenized book, meaning half the amount paid will be refunded. Every collector who will make secondary and subsequent sales undertakes to deliver this physical book to its new owner with care and a certificate of authenticity.To learn more, contact Eloy.Printed at home, hand punched and limited to 30 copies.

Beste 2021, SeptemberLanguage: TurkishWritten and drawn by Eloy."Your wings are very charming. You made each of your feathers fall asleep by listening to fairy tales. You paid close attention to their dreams so that they would include scenes of paradise rather than a nightmare.You've embraced all of your long, short, voluminous wings. My cheekbones are red. My blood is boiling at this image of your personality." This is a comic story written by eloy, dedicated to the beings whose this sentences appear in minds.The story has been created with two different covers so that you can present it to those who are food for your soul. It was created so that you can say "You are two halves of a book."Printed at home, hand punched and limited to 25 copies.

Kabuk 2021, FebruaryLanguage: TurkishWritten and drawn by Eloy.We are watching an eloy caught between an entity that tears the wrinkled fabric of the shell that is laid on it and an entity that spends a lifetime in the cave of its shell. It was born as a single short comic story.Printed at home, hand punched and limited to 50 copies.

Başkalaşım 2020, SeptemberLanguage: TurkishWritten and drawn by Eloy.It is a pictorial and literary compilation of Eloy's drifting states. It was created by bringing together five short cartoon stories.Printed at home, hand punched and limited to 50 copies.

Göç 2020, JulyLanguage: TurkishWritten and drawn by Eloy and published by The Poet House.The story of Eloy who immigrated to herself in a different realm with the effect of a drink she drank.Limited to 50 copies.

Grenade Burger is on the wall of the CODA⁵ exhibition.

Gumball Machine is on the wall of the CODA⁶ exhibition.

Phoenix is on the wall of the CODA⁷ exhibition.

Color Drinkers is on the wall of the CODA⁸ exhibition.

Death Home is on the wall of the CODA X exhibition.

The Bosom of Waterfall is on the wall of the CODA X exhibition.

Ice Cream Shop is on the wall of the CODA XI exhibition.

Eloy's pieces named Ice Cream Shop and Marin's Feast were exhibited in a location that can be physically visited. This is SuperteamDE's Build Station Lanch Party.

One of Eloy's madnesses is on wall of Solana Breakpoint 2023's in Amsterdam. This piece is The Bosom of Waterfall.

Lust Jam on the wall of the Breakpoint 2023 conference campus in Amsterdam.

Collapsed Head was born as a result of Fluboss and I imagining our heads rolling and falling to the ground, shattering like glass and scattering around.
Head crumbs scattered around were in NFT IST's exhibition in Istanbul today.

Undrowned at a house party in Istanbul. The souls swam in the pool of scissors, and the shears endeavored to cut the threads of every weight that pulled them down.

The Best Toy is on the wall of the CODA XIII exhibition.

Scuderia Heartrari is on the wall of the CODA XIV exhibition.

If you look carefully, you can see the piece called Scuderia Heartrari, which was emitting exhaust smoke at the #GMISTANBUL.

Vagionaea is on the wall of the CODA XV exhibition.

Millionaire is on the wall of the CODA XVI exhibition.

Who is Eloy?

The sun is prominent enough in this unusually constructed realm. Life is very lively in these forests, where you walk the soil that caresses your skin. Eloy lives in this universe with her stories, poems and colors. Here, she rests and infuses with the peace of having made herself visible to souls with eyes and hearts that can understand. Eloy, who weaves her art with watercolors and ideas, is nothing more than that. I hope you continue to live with a smile on your face after being exposed to Eloy.

By Eloy's pencil